File Shredder

File Shredder 2.5

Allows you to erase any file from the hard drive beyond the point of recovery
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With File Shredder utility for Windows, the users will be able to erase any file from the hard drive beyond the point of recovery. This tool is free and has an attractive interface designed for ease of use, so that even novices will be able to understand every function.

Windows systems never really delete files properly and that is why recovery programs are capable of retrieving "unrecoverable" files. File Shredder is GNU, meaning its free, open-licensed and can be used in many ways. The program is capable of rewriting the erased files with a random series of binary data multiple times, known as shredding.

Users can choose between 5 improved and different shredding algorithms, each one gradually stronger than the previous one. There is also a "Disk Wiper" tool included, which uses one of the shredding algorithms to wipe unused disk space and help free up all wasted space.

Unfortunately the author doesn't give any kind of support for File Shredder but users can keep up to date by checking the website.

Max Santillana
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  • Free
  • Uses 5 algorithms to erase files
  • Files aren't recoverable
  • Includes a disk wiper tool to free unused space


  • No support
  • Manual updates
  • Some files were recoverable even after using it
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